Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Went to this fashion event thing on Sunday night with Joanne, Lewis and Ayelen. Full of posers of course- bless their hearts- but fabulous music from DJ Jojo Flores. I don’t understand why on earth they put the DJ booth by the entrance, bathed in light. That’s not where the dancers want to be, i.e.) us three ladies. I mean, doesn’t EVERYONE know that dancers and dj’s go together like…daal and rice? Poor Jojo. We were boogying our asses off (me in 4-inch heels of course), and wanted so badly to give the man props for his superb music selection and mixing skills, but alas, the light was too much for us to handle. We remained in our dark corner, vibing out. At a party where people are there to see and be seen, you don’t really want to be the center of attention, when all you’re trying to do is have a good time. And forget the fact that these people are staring at you. We got many compliments and appreciation for the ‘vibes’ we brought but unfortunately, no one joined our dance crew.

So, I witnessed this couple. They were standing in front of the dj booth and the guy was trying to explain to his girlfriend/wife how amazing the music was. She was not at all paying attention- like, ‘yeah yeah honey, whatever you say’ as she glances around the room. She spots the fashion design team Dsquared (Dean and Dan Caten), and literally grabs her boyfriend/husbands arm, indicates that D&D are ahead and basically shoves him in front of her, so they could follow the duo out the door. I felt like I was watching a movie, it was that dramatic. And needy. Why do people care so much about other people they don’t even know? Just ‘cuz they’re famous? Well honey, they’re still strangers to me…

Happily, I got some much-needed male attention that night, which made me feel all superwoman the next morning. No- not because I actually had sex or made out or anything THAT exciting. It’s just the attention that did wonders (yeah so? I’m a lil deprived alright?). There was an after party for the event, next door, which ended up being way more fun. All the realtors and mortgage brokers let loose and got their groove on. One such mortgage broker was Monty. Monty is Indian. I mean, a Canadian of Indian heritage. Have no idea how he got the name ‘Monty’. He knows Joanne and Lewis, and did plenty of research on me before broaching conversation. He knew that I had recently moved back to Toronto from NYC, that I’m 33 and that I probably wouldn’t be talking to him if he wasn’t part of the ‘group’. I must say, though at first glance Monty may not be my ‘type’ (not sure what that means anymore), he impressed me with his straight forward, no-nonsense approach. It was like a breath of fresh air. He asked for my card, and didn’t expect me to be the one calling, which I truly appreciated. He was telling me how he’s really spiritual, ‘have you ever read The Power of Now?’ and that he’s deep. Ok, fine. Then we run into his friend Sara, who starts going on and on about how much she loves him and how spiritual he is. Go figure. Really? I’m not in a sitcom right now? That timing was just impeccable…

Okay, I’m sitting here trying to write about something that happened four days ago, and I gotta tell you- I’m not feeling the laughs. All I’m thinking about is how I need to make some NeoCitron, get in bed, cuddle up (with myself) and watch Milk (finally). Mutah is totally spazzing out, attacking my feet and napping on my desk, kind of all at once- if you can imagine that. Some funny shit happened today with The Parents...I’ve got to admit- the so-called ‘mundanities’ of life are often the funniest. And, party people? They suck. So here’s to mom schooling Denny on the intricacies of matching an outfit ‘you can’t wear a jacket with shorts Dennis, it just doesn’t look right’, and becoming an audition master (please, hold the applause…), the Baji being productive even through her flu/cold, and getting invited to my friend’s daughter’s surprise birthday party even though I have no kids.

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