Sunday, September 13, 2009


Woke up to discover the neck ache has returned. Great. Have to be at work in a couple of hours, which is only going to make my neck hurt more. Okay, really? This is not the reality I would choose for myself. Ah well, I say, I’m a responsible adult and will do what is right. I will take a muscle relaxer. By the time I arrive at Dundas Station, I’m in serious need of an iced coffee. The muscle relaxer has kicked in, and my body feels great. But the mind? Not so much- hence the iced coffee. For some reason, I drink one and become immediately happy. Instant happiness is definitely a requirement for the crap job, so I get my icy beverage (even though I know it will only serve to dehydrate me, possibly causing a headache later in the day). At this point it’s a means of survival.

I arrive at the crap job to find out that they are not in need of my expert selling services- at least for today. Perfect. Wonderful. Miraculous. The associate manager (who I adore, by the way) informs me of this, and I can’t help the grin that escapes from my lips. She notices, and smiles, and I feel as if I’ve let the cat out of the bag. But its all good, I’m quitting anyway.

Now I get to spend this sunny Saturday with my sister Omita (aka The Baji) and my beautiful niece Aliyah. We lounge around for a few, and then decide to venture out to Roncesvalles (aka Roncy) to get ice cream at The Film Buff (they rent fab movies, AND sell $2 ice cream cones- go figure). But, man…am I hungry. It seems the euphoric effects of the iced coffee have worn off, and the belly them hungry. I am alone in my stomach grumblings, so Aliyah and The Baji get beverages instead. Over ‘lunch’ I find out that my niece was at Christie Pits until 1am last night (this morning? That always confuses me…), and she didn’t let her mother know- which is tres irresponsible. She is looking rather sheepish, and you can see the weight of guilt on her face. So, I let it slide. THEN I find out it was a 3-girl to 3-boy outing, and I give her the glare that only aunties can conjure. She gives me more sheepish, with a hint of angst. I ask some questions, mainly ‘who’ centered, and drill her a ‘lil about this new mystery friend ‘Astrid’.

ME: Who’s Astrid?
SHE: My friend.
ME: I’ve never heard you talk about her.
SHE: Well, she’s my friend! (the angst and frustration mounts)
ME: If she’s your friend, how come I’ve never heard her name before?

This exchange continues for a bit, and is followed by lots of tumbling over words. But, she tells me the deal. Fine, I say. Knowing the whole time I’m just busting her chops. Her mom was waaaay worse- but shh, don’t tell her I said that.

After the grub, The Baji suggests that we ‘wander’ up Roncy. Hmm, sounds dangerous. Financially dangerous. And it proves to be. Aliyah gets a coat, I put an awesome sweater on layaway (‘cuz I’m that kinda chick). Its somewhere between a muumuu, a blanket and a sweater, and I absolutely HAD to have it. Or at least guarantee that it would be mine at some point in the near future. Since I don’t have $160 to spend on a sweater/muumuu right now, I went the layaway route. I’m confident that its money well spent, because I KNOW I’ll still be wearing it when I’m 80- its just that cool. I mean, its purple folks. Purple.

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